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Valentine's Day Discounts (Blog Update)

February is here, and there is something we typically associate with this notoriously short month. That's right...groundhogs!

Also right (and more relevantly for this post) is St. Valentine's Day. Ah, that romantic holiday that some people love to hate. Fear not, for I have a special remedy to help soothe your loneliness, chocolate calorie overload, or whatever else ails you during this heart-themed holiday: book discounts.

For the month of February, my romantic comedy novel The Integrity of the Super Club, Volume 1 is on sale for both Kindle and paperback.

Kindle - $1.99

Paperback - $10.50

You can snag your copy here.

Only the first volume is on sale?

Of course, silly. Volume 2 isn't on sale because it's not published yet. But, I have it on the fast track to be out before the first day of Spring on March 20, 2021. The illustrator, SageCamille, is currently working on an interior picture, and I plan to have one more made after this. I'm done with the editing and the paperback's formatting, which only leaves the Kindle formatting. This way, I hope to publish both versions as soon as I receive the final artwork.

Here's the Volume 2 cover design if you haven't seen it. (Subject to change.)

Other book updates?

Actually, that's it. Happy St. Valentine's Day, everyone!

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