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About the Privacy Policy

On my website, you can subscribe to my mailing list or submit a contact form to talk with me. Doing so requires some personal information from you, such as your name and email, or your mailing address to receive physical goodies. You have the right to know what I do with your personal information when you submit it to me.

A "Privacy Policy" is a document that tells you everything you need to know about what I do with your personal information, and I MUST adhere to any privacy policy posted on this website, or the law will hunt me down and put the squeeze on me.

Privacy Policies are ... Hard to Understand

Unfortunately, privacy policies can be technical and difficult to understand. Because of their legal jargon, a recent study has shown that many people feel LESS trusting of a website after reading its privacy policy. Many people are intimidated by the technical, legal nature of these documents. It takes a long time read them. This is sad, because not only do they exist to inform you of how your personal info is handled and protect you (to make you feel safer), but I was actually intimidated by the possible legal issues I could face by NOT having one on my website. Also, it was expensive for me to have one made, so I believe that it was worth the price of making one.

I Did My Best

To create my privacy policy, I had to do a lot of research about laws and policies, and it was very boring and time consuming. A lot of what I found was confusing, even contradictory. (When using a service to create my privacy policy, I was given an "optional, but mandatory" option that cost me $14 to comply with.) If you think the privacy policies themselves are wordy and confusing, you should read the laws mandating them!

The resulting privacy policy seems excessive and redundant. All I wanted to do was have a simple contact form, a simple email subscription, and give away some freebies and special offers! Oh, the legal windbaggery that must take place for such menial tasks! And yet, it's not much different from the thousands of other privacy policies on other websites, many of which are longer and scarier than mine.


With that said, I am not happy about the ambiguously legal requirement of including a document that scares customers. However, I've come to terms that it's here to ultimately make the world a better place, and I encourage you to please read it.

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