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I'm Gerry Hines, an author who writes urban fantasy, science fiction, and original English light novels. My stories are mostly inspired by anime and nerdy culture. However, I'm a culture vulture and love all forms of stories, genres, and nonfiction, so there is always the possibility of expanding my scope of genres.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you. Yes, YOU ... thank you so much for visiting my site! This site is built for and dedicated to YOU, my reader and fan, and to anyone else who just stumbled upon this precise spot in the depths of the world wide web. You all are the motivation. So, thank you!


I play keyboard sometimes because I'm a musician in an alternate life. I'm still learning to properly hold a pencil. I use too many puns.


Probably. That's what updates are for! That's why you should join my mailing list to see those updates!

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