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The sweet sound of music!


I used to plunk the keys of an old piano as a tiny child, so my history of composing dates back to my kindergarten years. In high school, I used a MIDI composition program for computers to make complicated music ... and much of it turned out to be "interesting", to say the least. Blending the styles of ensemble band class music with video game soundtrack-styles, I made some really weird songs.


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I honestly don't know.



The MIDI composing program I used was low-end, and my computer was even lower-end. This album is probably all that remains of my composed music files, and it was an attempt to produce the highest quality music with the outdated tools I had.

These are a few handpicked tracks from desolItion/premonAtion.

Personally, I think this is the most well-composed song of mine, as far as recorded tracks. Piano has always been my forte (pun intended), and I pretty much nailed the production quality for cheap software here.

A little jazzy and more mellow. I wrote this song almost in one sitting. The drums sound good recorded in the shower (I didn't actually use real drums or a shower).

This is a very strange song that's totally unique from anything I've ever written. The name "Whitelines" refers to the dashed white lines between lanes on roadways.

Experimental, I guess. Then again, all these songs were experimental. This one has a menacing drive to it, and it was fun to write.

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