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Updates & Deleting Web Novels

A lot has happened in November. In my world of books, that means a lot of writing's been going on, but that isn't all.

Removing some web novels from the internet.

Due to Amazon cracking down on authors who published with their services, I've taken down some of my web novels. (I have my input on this Amazon situation, but I won't go into it here.) The stories I removed are Anno Domini, The Integrity of the Super Club, and Perfect World. It was a somewhat extreme move on my end, but I'm playing it safe. That leaves a big hole in their place, meaning I'll have to start crankin' out some stories to fill it up again!

I was featured in an article.

The folks at The Wordicle were kind enough to reach out to me to do an Author Leak, a short article where I wrote about how and why I made The Integrity of the Super Club and why that story is the way it is.

You can check it out here.

Update on collaboration story.

My friend and I finished the rough draft, and I submitted it to our beta/sensitivity reader. The idea is their feedback will help with the more touchy, difficult topics depicted. While that may take a while, I can say it's still moving forward. I want to publish it next year in 2021.

There will be more work to do after the beta reading. I have some fun ideas for designing the published version, and it'll be cool trying different things.

What about that rom com?

I'll begin the final edits and formatting for volume 2 of The Integrity of the Super Club within the next couple days, time permitting. I expect my next big update for it won't be until after New Year's, but I'm shifting my focus to it for now. If all goes as planned, the book should be published next year in 2021.

The project on hiatus with the hard-to-remember name.

ANNO DOMINI ~Allium~ is still on hiatus. I haven't abandoned it, I swear.

Anything else?

Yesterday, I submitted an original short story to a competition. It had to follow a prompt and be under 3,000 words. Genre and everything else could be whatever we wanted. My submission ended up being weird and bleak because comedy didn't fit the prompt for me.

Outside of writing, I've been trying to catch up on reading. I'm almost finished with a series I've been following, and I have so many more after that. Truly, I am submerged in books...

Beyond the books, life has chucked me some unexpected curveballs. While anything can happen, I plan to keep writing and creating. With some luck, I'll get into more projects I've had to put off, and that would be totally sweet, dude.

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