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Onward...MARCH! (Update News)

We meet again, readers. It's been nearly a year since my last blog entry, so it's high time I post some updates. My hiatus lasted longer than expected, but I'm back and ready to "march" forward...because it's March. :P

Collaboration novel.

I'm doing the final sweeps of editing to Shrug, the collaboration novel I'm working on with a friend, which I plan to be the next book I publish. It's a drama that centers on difficult topics involving mental illness, self-harm, and drug abuse, as well as the stigmas surrounding those topics. Because it deals with very sensitive themes, my collaborator and I are taking steps to ensure we do it right and don't come across as insensitive. We also want to include ample trigger warnings to protect readers. I'll be publishing it under a pseudonym to separate it from my other books because the story and style are very different from what I usually do.

This project is almost 10 years old now, and we are ready to get it out into the world! Be on the lookout for updates soon.

Super Club 3.

I apologize for the delayed release of The Integrity of the Super Club, Volume 3. There are two reasons why it isn't already published. First, the artist could no longer continue with commissions, meaning I'm on the hunt for a new artist who can reasonably imitate the style and commit to the project. Second, although the rough draft for volume 3 is about 75% done, I'm simply not satisfied with it. I brainstormed some great ideas for the story's direction since then, so a significant rewrite is needed. This story is my most popular, meaning I can't dally with the continuation much longer!

There was something about a psychological horror isekai story...

Perplexity is a real thing, and I plan to start the actual writing process for it after Shrug is released. It'll be my project while I try setting things up for a new artist for The Integrity of the Super Club. If everything works out well (which is a tall order to ask of the universe), then I want the release of Perplexity to coincide with Halloween this year.

What about ANNO DOMINI?

Oh boy. That one is still deep in cold storage. I have a plan to revive ANNO DOMINI ~Allium~ with a short spinoff series that will serve to rebrand the story and be another (and hopefully better) introduction into the story. My hope is that newcomers will be able to start with the spinoff without knowing anything about the main story. Also, the spinoff will take place chronologically right after the end of Anno Domini book 2, so it will be an effective sequel for anyone who has read the story thus far.

This is all tentative, though. I haven't given up on the project, but it'll require a lot of work.

Anything else?

Some of you may have seen the cover art for something called Kamisama's Blast Radius that I posted on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. However, consider that a far-off project that I don't plan on getting to for a while. Also, as a writer, I have plenty of other ideas in my head for stories and other creative projects, but it's too early to talk about them until I publish a few more books first.

Until then, happy reading!

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